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Cell: (626) 343-3347
Joe D. Torres aka “Lefty” or “Leftyjoe”

______________________ · R · E · S · U · M · E ·______________________

Employment Summary:
I have been involved with character design for entertainment for several years. My experience spans the
spectrum from web animation, illustration, character design and product development as well as graphic
design. My primary skill is character and creature design for animation or print, but I also animate in flash.

Present- Lead designer for Natures Mistake, up and coming hot new clothing
Natures mistake is an official licensed product of Warner brothers/ looney tunes, WB consumer products international.
Additional Licensed properties:  Garfield, Tom n Jerry.

SMK Merchandising/Wayans Brothers Productions 3/10-present Character designer
For show to be pitched.

Cartoon funland studios 7/09
Character designer for Rob zombie show pitch. Captain clegg and the night creatures.
Background concept development.

Pink slip animation studios 5/09 Character designer for an independent animated show in production.

SMK Merchandising/Wayans Brothers Productions 4/09 Comic strip cartoonist.
Comic strip cartooning for strip being pitched for sindication.

Second generation inc. 3/09 Character Designer for a cartoon show pitch., 3/05-7/08, Lead Character Designer, colorist and background artist
for original animated content. Traditional illustrator and graphic designer for original content. Also animated
on several projects.
Clients include: 
US Army ad campaingns and online games for entertainment and promotional purposes.
Paramount Pictures:
Jackass ( Dickhouse productions)
POM drink.
Mark Brunette producer of Survivor and The Apprentice
Pinaple Express.

SMK Merchandising/Wayans Brothers Productions 2003-2006 Traditional illustrator, concept designer,
graphic designer, storyboard revisionist, key pose revisions for animated project for
nickelodeon- "Thugaboo".

Eclectic Spirits Productions, 2002-2006 Freelance Illustrator, visual development and character concept
artist for graphic novel and Short Film.

Killapride Multimedia, 2005 Character designer, flash animator, Graphic designer

Creative Caricatures/ Bundle of joy Prod, 2001-2006, Caricature artist for retail caricature concessionaire.
Manager and artist.

Max and Ruben Caricatures., 2001-present, Caricature Artist for entertainment, private and corporate


Animation Academy, Burbank CA, 2004 Character Creature design Focus

Mt. San Antonio College, Walnut CA, 2001-2003 Character design and character

Rowland Animation ROP LPV, Rowland Heights CA. 1999-2000 2d animation

ACME animation video conference tutoring, Rowland ROP Rowland Heights CA.

Technical skills: Proficient on PC and MAC, Photoshop cs3, Illustrator cs3, Flash8

Exhibitions and Awards:

For a list of art shows from 2007- 2010 go to


The following list of folks are animation professionals with whom, or for whom, I have worked in
the animation field. Please feel free to contact them regarding my job performance and character

Adrienne Lee Currently- Cleveland show. FOX.
Contact: (323) 761-6235

Matt Geiger Currently- Owner C.e.o of Natures Mistake.
Contact: (626) 786-3541

Rick Acosta Currently- backgrounds. Neopets.
Contact: (626) 393-5678

Heather Chavez Currently- character design. Neopets.
Contact: (951) 533-1741

Geoffrey Golden Currently- Writter Producer. Warner bros.
Contact: (716) 440-7128

More upon request.


Traqditional paintings and concepts.

Character designs for several flash animations.

Links to animated content I worked on.

Animated motion graphics, title page design, title page animation, character design, props.

Play page animation, character deign, props,
story development, gags,

Animation, character design, backgrounds.

Animation, character design, backgrounds.

Animation, character design, backgrounds.

Animation, character design, backgrounds.

Character Designs for a Show Pitch animated in flash.

A sketchbook Page

Life Drawing.

Digital Concept art stuff and some Animal anatomy studies.

also, here's my portfolio for gallery art shows,

drunken master, MON
leftyjoe character designs hellboy
tiger, masai warrior
vampirella  character design by leftyjoe, and thing
skeletor by leftyjoe, liono by leftyjoe character designs
ice bear, hellboy by leftyjoe

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